Tuesday, February 19, 2013

strand 1 - how instagram made me see

When I first began using instagram, I mainly posted photos of my daily portrait sketches from my mysterious black little book. Over a not-so-long strand of time, I quickly became aware that my "mane" focus in most of my drawings was hair. I love it. Hair is a character in itself. Each style and texture and colour and degree of grooming or un-grooming can say SO much about the person it lives on. As an artist, this is an inspiration gold mine! CHA CHING! Through this blog, my primary objectives are these: to have something in place that drives me to draw everyday, to bring attention to the beauty and interest of hair, and ultimately to show how hair and art coincide by influencing one another. The way it falls, the way it stands; the way it curls, the way it hangs. The lines it creates, the beauty it's tangles hold. The fact that it grows. The fact that we can cut it, and then it grows back like the branches of a tree. I once went to a mummy (as in the embalmed deceased) museum in Mexico and there was a woman who had been dead for over 100 years, yet the hair on her head was still growing. Odd but relevant tangent. So here it is, and here it goes. My new blog that will have:
 drawings of hair styles 
drawings of hair tutorials
artwork by various artists with a focus on cheveu (thats french!)
...and perhaps some other sweet tendrils all in the name of hair love.


examples of some of my first instagram photos. copyright opal retzer.

WELCOME! a new blog for the love of hair and art

this is a blog about the art of hair.